More public housing in Barcelona to avoid the expulsion of residents (La Vanguardia, 14 June 2020)

  • More public housing in the Gracia and Sant Andreu neighborhoods in Barcelona to avoid the expulsion of residents

  • Original headline in Spanish: Más vivienda pública en el barrio de Gràcia y Sant Andreu para evitar la expulsión de vecinos y vecinas

  • Published in La Vanguardia on 14 June 2010

  • Summary from Google Translate:

    • The Barcelona municipality has acquired 8 houses in the Sant Andreu neighbourhood, by exercising the right of first refusal and retraction, to avoid another episode of speculation by a vulture fund in the city. With this innovative urban masonry project, the expulsion of the 7 families who live in the houses will be avoided and the public rental housing park in the city will be expanded

    • The first procedure has been approved to modify the urban plan and protect the neighborhood fabric of Villa de Gracia, one of the areas in Barcelona most affected by speculation in Barcelona. The proposal envisages creating some 60 public houses and preserving 15 buildings, a historical demand of the area residents.

  • Keywords: Gracia, Sant Andreu, Barcelona, Spain, municipality, public housing, investment funds, corporate landlords, tenants, affordability, gentrification, speculation, financialisation, financialization

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