#Housing2030 (UNECE, UN Habitat, Housing Europe)

  • Housing 2030 (stylised as the hashtag #Housing2030) is an initiative led by UNECE, UN Habitat and Housing Europe that aims at making "clear what affordable housing entails:

    • strategic land policy,

    • purposeful investment

    • and good governance".

  • Housing 2030 "defines key concepts and policy tools drawn from the experience of over 50 countries. The report zeroes in on four key areas:

    • land policy and planning strategies,

    • funding and financing instruments,

    • and good governance and regulation

    • as well as environmental and energy standards for a more sustainable future.

  • Clear illustrations show how these policies have been implemented, pointing out what makes them best practice and providing useful links to a wealth of contacts and resources."

  • Housing 2030 offers several potentially relevant resources for journalists and researchers working on housing:

  • Keywords: UN, land policy, investment, policy making, research, best practices

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