Scotland: Tenants faced damp while repairs stopped due to Covid-19 (The Ferret, 4 December 2020)UK: Housing market is at its most unequal in a decade (Sky News, 12 October 2020)Prefabricated housing gains strength in Spain (Efe, 11 Oct 2020)Rents cut by up to 20% as tenants quit city centres due to Covid-19 (The Guardian, 20 Sept 2020)The Golden Ticket — Citizenship for Sale (Podcast PUSHBACK Talks, 4 September 2020)A 'proptech' platform that completely digitises the rental of housing (El Periódico, 1 Sept 2020)Housing crisis in the US: social movements reshaping the discourse (openDemocracy, 1 Sept 2020)Throwing people out of their homes is not a pleasant task... (Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 28 Aug 2020)Housing crisis in the US: discrimination and privatization (openDemocracy, 5 August 2020)Rents fall in Lisbon for the first time in six years (Expresso, 8 Jul 2020)Portugal: over 18,600 houses to be added to affordable housing program (Observador, 29 July 2020)Portugal: housing bank valuation reaches new record in June (Publico, 28 July 2020)Scotland: Tenants 'sidelined' as landlords lobby for Covid-19 subsidies (The Ferret, 28 July 2020)Ireland: Covid-19 shows new housing direction needed (Opinion piece, Irish Examiner, 3 June 2020)Four graphs linking Covid-19 deaths and the housing crisis in the UK (Inside Housing, 29 May 2020)Denmark to invest 4bn euros in renovating public housing (Nyheder TV2, 19 May 2020)Coronavirus: excessive mortality in Seine-Saint-Denis due to bad housing (France Info, 12 May 2020)Migrants face housing discrimination in Germany (Deutsche Welle, 21 January 2020)

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