Collaborative housing in Spain: 'anti-speculative, human and sustainable' (, 5 Apr 2019)

  • Collaborative housing, the “anti-speculative, human and sustainable” model that flourishes in Spain

  • Original headline in Spanish: Vivienda colaborativa, el modelo “antiespeculativo, humano y sostenible” que florece en España

  • By Alicia Avilés. Published in on 5 April 2019

  • Summary from Google Translate:

    • Being a model that starts from cooperatives created by people, that is, horizontal in their methods, the formulas are varied but they all have one point in common: cohousing or collaborative housing is a reality because it seeks to live in a “more humane and sustainable way", and because in many cases it also involves investing in the future of care. (...)

    • But what exactly are we referring to? According to Cristina Cuesta, founder of the Cohousing Spain network (which advises, trains and connects stakeholders), collaborative housing is an intentional community of people aligned with the same priorities and who come together to carry out a common housing project that it must be "self-promoted and self-managed".

    • Currently, it is growing as an alternative to conventional housing and the model of residences for the elderly and actively aging. This last case is known as 'senior cohousing', but the multiplier effect is taking place intergenerationally and in different age ranges.

  • Keywords: cohousing, collaborative housing, aging, senior cohousing, care homes, alternative housing models

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