Vonovia makes record profits, but it has its price (Handelsblatt, 7 March 2019)

  • Vonovia makes record profits, but it has its price

  • Original headline in German: Vonovia macht Rekordgewinn, doch der hat seinen Preis

  • By Matthias Streit. Published in Handelsblatt on 7 March 2019

  • Summary from Google Translate:

    • For the first time in history, Vonovia broke the 1 billion euro mark in profit. The trend-setting "Funds From Operation I" for the real estate industry, which reports the income from the operating business, rose by almost 16% in 2018 to EUR 1.07 billion. The balance sheet speaks of a "very good result".

    • The acquisitions last year are decisive for the leap in profit. For the first time, both Buwog and Victoria Park have been included in the balance sheet. The effect is most clearly reflected in the total market value, which rose from 33.4 to 44.2 billion euros. Vonovia now owns almost 400,000 apartments, thanks to Buwog around 23,000 in Austria, thanks to Victoria Park 14,000 in Sweden.

    • Rental income rose by 13.6 percent to EUR 1.9 billion. The fact that the total revenue is increasing significantly more than the average rent, which climbed by around four percent to EUR 6.52, is due not least to the additional apartments that came into the portfolio as a result of the acquisitions and housing construction.

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