Young Spaniards can no longer buy or rent housing (El País, 24 Nov 2018)

  • Young Spaniards can no longer buy or rent housing

  • Original headline in Spanish: Los jóvenes españoles ya no pueden ni comprar ni alquilar vivienda

  • By Sandra López. Published in El País on 24 November 2018

  • Summary from Google Translate:

    • Young Spaniards are losing the battle for housing. Leaving the parental home with a single source of income is unlikely below 30 years. Only 19.3% had achieved it at the end of 2017 (in 2008 they were 26%), according to the latest data from the Emancipation Observatory of the Youth Council of Spain (CJE). Eurostat confirms this: the average age at which the family home is abandoned (29.3 years) is the sixth highest in Europe.

    • This is so because the percentage of income that those under 30 years must allocate to access a home exceeds the recommended 30%. In the case of solo employees it is bleeding: the rent eats 88.8% of their income and the purchase 61%.

  • Keywords: emancipation, leaving the parental home, rental markets, property markets, overburden, young people, Spain

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