Average rental cost of apartments in European cities 2018 (Statista, February 2020)

  • Average rental cost of apartments in European cities 2018

  • Published by Statista on 18 February 2020

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  • Summary:

    • "During 2018, Paris was the most expensive European city to rent an Apartment, at 2.85 thousand U.S. dollars per month. London had an average rental cost of over 300 U.S. dollars less than the Capital of France. Cities within Western Europe have a higher rental price than their Eastern counterparts with Moscow seeing the average cost of rent over one thousand U.S. dollars per month lower than Paris.

    • Supply and demand. One of the main factors driving high rents across European cities is the same as any other consumer driven business. If demand outweighs supply, prices will inflate. The drive for high paid professionals to be located centrally in prime locations, mixed with the low levels of available space, high land and, construction costs all help keep rental prices increasing.

    • Renters now outweigh home owners. In London, the number of private renters has increased dramatically from 2008. Increasing house prices as well as standard costs of living have seen more and more people unable to get on to the property ladder, and are therefore forced onto the rental markets for longer. This being said 2019 has become a great time for first-time buyers as interest rates remained historically low."

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