Prefabricated housing gains strength in Spain (Efe, 11 Oct 2020)

  • Prefabricated housing gains strength in Spain

  • Original headline in Spanish: La vivienda industrializada coge fuerza en España

  • By the Spanish news agency Efe. Published here in Expansión on 11 October 2020

  • Summary (translated from Spanish through Google Translate):

    • The Plataforma para la Industrialización de Viviendas (PIV) has been presented this week to give a boost to a sector that should approach the levels of other European countries such as the United Kingdom, where 7% of housing construction is prefabricated; Germany, with about 9%; Holland, with 50%, or Sweden, where it reaches almost all of it.

    • In Spain, industrialized housing construction -which is also susceptible to export- does not even reach 1%.

  • Keywords: prefabricated housing, construction, environment, Spain, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden

This article is little more than a PR piece for those companies named in the whole text, but it's nevertheless useful because it also mentions the very different percentages of prefabricated housing in several European countries, and because it argues that prefabricated housing is better for the environment: is that true, is that mere greenwashing? These points could be research starters for proper reporting on the economics and the environmental impact of prefabricated housing.

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