Real estate trends in Europe for 2019 (December 2018)

  • Emerging trends in Real Estate: Creating an impact, a ULI / PWC Annual report for the investors

  • Summary:

    • The increase of the interest rate won’t be a risk during 2019, although real estate professionals should be aware that it might change if there is a geopolitical shock to the monetary system.

    • There is a strong belief that during 2019, the Asian investment will increase.

    • Europe: 70% of PWC survey respondents agreed or strongly agreed that prime assets are over-priced, especially if we consider cases like Spain or Portugal.

    • U.S.: After years of steady growth and low-interest rates, there will be an economic slowdown during 2019. Although many real estate and financial gurus expect a correction, and new opportunities may arise due to technology, demographic changes, and the continued winding-down of traditional retail.

    • Almost 50% of the interviewees on PWC Report, expect the availability of assets to decrease and get worse in the next 5 years.

  • Keywords: Europe, real-estate investment, right to housing, investment,

The report mentions that some investors try to diversify their portfolio and are now moving into alternative or niche areas, like student housing, retirement living, etc. This could be interesting for journalists looking for new angles and topics related to the housing market: where are the next big investments to be expected? Where do we follow the money and who are the new main players on the real estate market of today?

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