Social Housing in Europe II. A review of policies and outcomes (LSE, Dec 2008)

  • Social Housing in Europe II. A review of policies and outcomes

  • Edited by Kathleen Scanlon and Christine Whitehead. Published by the London School of Economics (LSE) in December 2008

  • Available as a PDF file on the International Union of Tenants site:

  • Summary:

    • This book is a sequel to and builds on Social Housing in Europe, published in 2007 by LSE London. That first book was descriptive, and aimed to give an overview of thesocial housing sector in nine European countries [Austria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands and Sweden] in a format accessible to the non-specialist. This second book explores in more depth some of the themes thatemerged from the first. (...)

    • Within each country there is an ongoing debate about social housing policy. These debates usually centre on the particular national experience, with little reference to developments even in neighbouring countries.

    • But as Social Housing in Europe showed, the social housing sectors in all European countries are facing similar pressures:

      • from immigration and demographic trends,

      • from European regulation,

      • from increased aspirations and the rise of owner-occupation.

    • Discussions within the group of researchers that contributed to Social Housing in Europe showed that there were several topic areas we wanted to investigate further that could contribute to the European discussion.

    • This book thus looks again at social housing in the same nine countries, but it is organised thematically rather than by country. The sections are entitled

      • Perspectives: historical, economic and legal background to social housing;

      • Transformation: tenure change, innovative forms of social housing and shifts in financing;

      • Regeneration: social housing and its role in urban renewal;

      • Impacts: empirical work on the effects of particular social-housing policies in particular cities and European policy.

      • Finally, there is an Overview.

  • Keywords: social housing, national regulations, EU regulations, European Union, EU, European Commission, EC, narrow definition, vulnerable populations, universalism, Austria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden

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