What Airbnb does to the housing market (August 2020)

  • What Airbnb does to the housing market (€)

  • By Benitez-Aurioles, Beatriz and Tussyadiah. Published in Annals of Tourism Research, in August 2020

  • Abstract:

    • This paper examines the effect of Airbnb in rents and house prices, using borough-level data from the city of London between 2016 and 2019.

    • It confirms that Airbnb presence has an upward effect on the prices of both house purchases and of rentals, even disaggregating by categories; but the effect is stronger on house prices than rents, as theorized by the model.

    • The conclusion is that Airbnb affects the housing market by increasing the value of real estate properties.

  • Keywords: UK, London, Airbnb, financialisation, financialization, rental prices, house prices, rents, housing prices.

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