European Land Registry Network

  • The European Land Registry Network is an initiative of the European Land Registry Association (ELRA).

  • "ELRA (European Land Registry Association) started off with 12 members; it now has 33 organizations representing the land registries of 26 European countries, and is still growing.

  • ELRA wants to underline the significance of Land Registries in Europe as juridical institutions and the scope of the effects of registration pronouncements as a fundamental tool for progress and change in the rule of law in the field of property rights.

  • The primary purpose of ELRA is the development and understanding of the role of land registration in real property and capital markets. Equally, ELRA is fully committed to work on behalf of Land Registries in Europe in cooperating with the EU institutions.

  • The aim of the Network to provide the tools that facilitate friendly access to Land Registry services at European level, providing the general public with relevant and useful information about land registration within the European Union and offering information to better understand the registration systems of the different jurisdictions."

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