Private Housing in Portugal in an Intergenerational Perspective since 1970 (Nov 2019)

  • Private Housing in Portugal in an Intergenerational Perspective (since 1970)

  • Original title in Portuguese: Habitação Própria em Portugal numa Perspetiva Intergeracional

  • By Romana Xerez, Elvira Pereira e Francielli Dalprá Cardoso. Published by the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

  • Summary (translated from Portugese by DeepL):

    • This work studies the expansion of private housing in Portugal, between different generations, after 1970. It analyzes this trajectory based on data from the Censuses, micro-data from the Survey of Living Conditions and Income (ICOR) of 2011 and 2017 and scientific evidence. It provides elements for an analysis of this evolution in the different age groups, presents some regional analysis and discusses the emergence of risks. These new so-social risks (Pierson 2001; Taylor-Gooby 2004; Bonoli 2005, 2007) are associated with overburdened housing, overcrowding and deprivation of housing conditions, and the evolution of factors conditioning access to housing. These risks affect several age groups, and are more associated with tenants, with income at market prices, but also with income at reduced prices, and with owners with and without charges. Several social and economic factors have increased the social risks of families. The conclusions of this study suggest access to housing as an important issue of intergenerational justice and social policy intervention.

  • Keywords: Portugal, overburden, overcrowding, living conditions, rental market, property market, social housing

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