France: For a 'universal access to housing' (11 September 2019, Le Monde)

  • In favour of a "universal housing service" (behind a paywall)

  • Original headline in French: Pour "un service universel du logement"

  • An Opinion piece by the economist Marc de Basquiat. Published in Le Monde on 11 September 2019

  • Summary from Google Translate:

    • The economist Marc de Basquiat calls for a "housing for all policy" that would allow everyone to have a home : the State would issue payment guarantees to secure the property owners

    • 40 billion euros of public money are poured each year into housing in France. Marc de Basquiat proposes to "reverse the equation" and not give money, but directly provide housing to all households that express a need, asking them to participate according to their means.

  • Keywords: France, housing, access to housing, rent control, housing for all

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