Proxy Address - providing the homeless with an address (October 2020)

  • Developed by British architect Chris Hildrey, ProxyAddress is a social enterprise and service which uses the duplicated address details of existing homes to provide those facing homelessness with a free address which they can use to access support.

  • Without an address, people can be prevented from accessing vital services such as maintaining or opening a bank account, applying for a job or registering with a GP.

  • Proxy Address initiative was piloted in the south London borough of Lewisham in partnership with the council.

  • In practice, once people sign up by the council, the users access the ProxyAddress service via an app, computer or SMS system. In this way, they can get a library card access public computers.

  • Here, you can read more about the project:

  • Keywords: UK, homeless, homelessness, England, London, Lewisham.

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