'The thousand obstacles to access coronavirus housing aid in Spain' (El Salto Diario, 8 Apr 2020)

  • 'Mr landlord, how many homes do you own? The thousand obstacles to access to the financial aid for tenants and mortgage-holders during the coronavirus crisis in Spain'

  • Original title in Spanish: Señor casero, ¿y usted cuántas casas tiene? Los mil obstáculos para acceder a las ayudas de vivienda

  • By Martín Cúneo. Published in El Salto Diario on 8 April 2020

  • Summary:

    • The measures announced by the Spanish government to offer financial aid to tenants and mortgage-holders affected by the coronavirus crisis are so complicated and set the threshold so high that most people don't manage to apply for them or don't qualify to get them.

    • In fact, around 90% of those appyling for it don't meet the established criteria, according to the Spanish Association of Financial Products Users.

  • Keywords: coronavirus, Covid-19, tenants, rents, mortgage-holders, mortgage, financial aid, landlords

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