Emerging trends in real estate - Europe 2020 (PwC and the Urban Land Institute, November 2019)

  • Emerging Trends in Real Estate - Climate of change (Europe 2020)

  • Published by Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC) and the Urban Land Institute in November 2019

  • Summary:

    • The 17th edition of this report by PwC and the Urban Land institute based on personal interviews and surveys of real estate leaders and agents is aimed at investors and developers. Its purpose is to give them heads-up about where to invest, what to develop, which markets and sectors offer the best prospects and trends in capital flows that will affect real estate investment.

    • The report stresses that lower interest rates and bond yields in many European countries in negative territory, mean that "real estate income retains its broad appeal to investors."

    • It also stresses out that primary industry concern for 2020 is the cost of construction (higher, due to the rising labour and material costs.

    • Paris is ranked as number 1 for its overall real estate prospects in 2020, but Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg all figure in the top 10. London is at number 4, and the interviews indicated "a large volume of capital waiting for Brexit resolution before moving in."

    • In terms of sectors, logistics "tops the rankings for investment and development projects." The same is true for rental housing despite "the threat of rent controls in several cities across Europe."

    • The report is divided into sections diving in the business environment, real estate capital markets, markets to watch and mobility.

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