Portugal: housing bank valuation reaches new record in June (Publico, 28 July 2020)

  • House bank valuation reaches new record in June

  • Original headline in Portuguese: Avaliação bancária da habitação atinge novo recorde em Junho

  • Published on Publico.pt on 28 July 2020

  • Summary (via Google Translate):

    • The article focuses on the rise of the median value of bank valuation (used to determine the loan to value ratio in a home loan application and will impact the amount that a bank is willing to lend) in Portugal.

    • "The median value was 1209 euros / m2 in apartments and 971 euros / m2 in houses, both of which grew more than 8% in the past month." The median value of bank valuation rose by one euro, to 1115 euros per square meter (m2) in June compared to the previous month.

    • The highest values ​​were observed in the Algarve (1612 euros / m2) and in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon (1483 euros / m2), with the central region registering the lowest value (844 euros / m2).

  • Keywords: Portugal, housing market, property market, real estate market, housing prices, financialisation, financialization

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