'Blackstone and Heimstaden frustrate tenants: Increase in cases in LLO' (DR, 4 Sept 2019)

  • 'Housing giants Blackstone and Heimstaden frstrate tenants: increase in cases in LLO'

  • By Anne Diklev Pallesen. Published in DR (Denmark) on 4 September 2019

  • Original headline in Danish: Boliggiganterne Blackstone og Heimstaden frustrerer lejere: Stigning i sager i LLO

  • Summary:

    • The biggest Danish tenants' association (Lejernes Landsorganisation, LLO) reported that from mid-August 2018 to mid-August 2019 there was a 22% increase in the number of complaints it received regarding landlords in Copenhagen: it went from 1,413 to 1,727 cases.

    • The increase was reportedly due to foreign corporate landlords like Blackstone (which at the time operated in Denmark through 360 North, which now is called Kereby).

    • The second biggest tenants' association (Danske Lejere) also reported an increase in complaints regarding foreign corporate landlords.

  • Regulatory levels: local (Copenhagen municipality), national (Danish government), EU (single market, regulations that restrict the construction of public housing in member states).

  • Keywords: Copenhagen, Denmark, Blackstone, 360 North, Kereby, Heimstaden, Danish tenants' associations Lejernes Landsorganisation (LLO) and Danske Lejere.

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