SRC: Key Property Investment Data: Europe (Global Property Guide, ~2019)

  • Key Property Investment Data: Europe

  • Published by Global Property Guide and including data per country about around 2019

  • Summary:

    • "To help you compare the profitability of the buy-to-let property in the different countries of Asia [sic, but here they mean "Europe"], we have assembled a range of data.

    • These statistics and other data may look intimidating, but they are all relevant. They're key data - how much rent you will earn, how much you will be taxed, stamp duty, and other cots when you buy and sell (buy/sell costs) your rights in the face of awkward tenants (landlord rights), and how fast property prices and the country's economy have been growing. All columns are sortable for easy comparison." [The bolding is mine]

  • Publications like this one are aimed at potential investors and big landlords, and can be quite useful to get a feeling of where investors' interests lie and what background information they have.

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