Sonderland: focus on housing in Belgium during 2019

  • Belgian non-profit multimedia collective Sonderland devoted 2019 to investigate and report on housing, and they published stories on their own platform as well as through mainstream media partners.

  • Sonderland publishes in Flemish, and some of the stories of its project are [as translated through Google Translate]:

    • Explained: the housing case, the housing bonus

    • The (un)sense of suing our housing policy: 'Judges already have enough work'

    • From housing bonus to lower registration fees: zero operation or hidden savings?

    • Brotherhood at the Belgian Homeless Cup

    • Desperate tenants and disaffected staff at housing company ABC

    • After the climate case, now the home?

  • Keywords: Belgium, Flanders, homelessness, social housing, migrants, refugees, housing policy, court cases

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