"Who owns Berlin?": An Investigation (Evicted by Greed conference feat. Correctiv, 31 May 2020)

  • Who owns Berlin?

  • Featured at the online conference EVICTED BY GREED: GLOBAL FINANCE, HOUSING & RESISTANCE Streaming May 29-30, 2020

  • Speaker: Justus von Daniels from CORRECTIV.

  • Video available (in English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGd9tzuFE-M

  • Summary:

    • "Justus von Daniels speaks on the activity of CORRECTIV, a non-profit newsroom for investigative journalism, running the German crowdsourced projects "Who owns the city", which is based on community-powered investigations collecting data to gain a better understanding of the German housing market."

    • "Who owns Berlin?" was the biggest project within "Who owns the city?", since the city has become attractive for investments and the prices have been on the rise in the past years.

    • Von Daniels explains how they retrieved the data from the locals, how they checked the data and find beneficial owners of the properties in Berlin

    • You can learn more about CORRECTIV's project here: https://correctiv.org/en/correctiv-local/

  • Keywords: Berlin, Germany, big landlords, rent freeze, corporate landlords, rent cap, rent index, Deutsche Wohnen, Akelius, Core Immobilien, DIV, Hachmann, Covivio, Helvetica, ADO, Gabriel International Asset, Vonovia, journalism, crowdsourcing, evictions,

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