SRC: Vonovia property portfolio by end of 2019

  • Vonovia is a real estate company headquartered in Bochum, Germany, and publicly listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

  • Vonovia is one of the biggest landlords in Germany and a significant one in Sweden and Austria.

  • From Vonovia's own site:

    • "As of December 31, 2019, Vonovia had a total real estate portfolio comprising 416,236 residential units, 138,176 garages and parking spaces and 6,748 commercial units. Our locations span 653 cities, towns and municipalities in Germany, Sweden and Austria. 78,691 residential units are also managed for other owners. Most of the properties in the Group’s portfolio are multifamily residences.

    • "In terms of fair value, most of the properties (around 84%) are located in Germany. The Swedish portfolio accounts for around 11% of the fair value, while the share of the Austrian portfolio comes to around 5%. The portfolio is as follows as of December 31, 2019":

  • In that webpage, you can access and download as XLS spreadsheets data regarding Vonovia's:

    • Portfolio and Fair Value by Country

    • Rent and Rental Growth by Country

    • Changes in the Portfolio

      • "In the first half of the year, Vonovia acquired 2,340 apartments in the greater Stockholm and Gothenburg regions from Akelius Residential Property. At the end of the fiscal year, a portfolio consisting of 21,385 apartments, largely in the greater Stockholm region, was added to Vonovia’s portfolio as a result of the takeover of a majority stake in Hembla AB."

    • Portfolio and Fair Value by Portfolio Cluster

    • Rent and Rental Growth by Portfolio Cluster

    • Portfolio and Fair Value by German Regional Market

    • Rent and Rental Growth by German Regional Market

    • Housing Stock by Regional Market

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