SRC: Housing Statistics for financial markets

Different business associations and consulting companies often gather data and statistics on housing stock, housing and rental prices, mortgage rates and loan offers. This can be an interesting source for journalists looking into these topics.

Here, we'll gather some of the "business-minded" data and stats from different European countries.

  • Denmark

    • Finance Denmark is a business association for banks, mortgage institutions, asset management, securities trading and investment funds in Denmark. They have gathered data and statistics on Housing Supply (data available since 2004 onward), House Prices (the oldest stats date back to 1992), Repossessed homes (covers the number of owner-occupied homes subject to repossession by mortgage banks), mortgage rates and loan offers. The data is exportable in the form of a spreadsheet, and most statistics are based on data submitted by Finance Denmark's members, but also Statistics Denmark and Danmarks Nationalbank among others.

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