The State of Housing in the EU (Housing Europe, 2012-2019)

  • Housing Europe is the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing, based in Brussels:

  • Since 2015, it publishes a biannual report titled "The State of Housing in the EU", which is a rich source of information and data regarding not only public and social housing but generally housing markets and regulations across the EU countries.

  • Beore 2015, it had published two overall reviews in 2007 and 2012.

  • The State of Housing in the EU 2021: Decoding the new housing reality

  • Published by Housing Europe on 26 March 2021

  • Introduction by Housing Europe:

    • After a year into the global health pandemic, Housing Europe’s ‘State of Housing 2021’ report provides a first analysis of the impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on public, cooperative, social housing and our communities. The flagship publication produced by the Federation’s Housing Observatory illustrates the alarming housing reality in 21 countries and offers concrete policy recommendations on how to overcome substantial challenges to decent, sustainable, inclusive, affordable housing.

    • The vital need for shelter from the COVID-19 storm has made the essential role of decent and affordable housing even more explicit, reinforcing the strong link between adequate homes and health. Evidence shows that as little as a 5% increase of households living in poor housing conditions can result in 50% higher risk of incidence and 42% chance of losing the battle with the coronavirus.

    • “The need to improve homes to fulfil new functions without pricing people out is now clearer than ever. Including work and study spaces so that our homes enable all to lead a productive life will be crucial to reducing the inequalities which not having adequate housing reinforce when we are obliged to ‘stay at home’,” Housing Europe’s President, Bend Madsen says. Various analyses show that inadequate housing has an impact on well-being, mental health, school performance and the possibility to work remotely. Previous editions of ‘State of Housing’ have been drawing attention to Eurostat figures that report for nearly 10% of the EU population experiencing housing cost overburden and over 17% of Europeans living in overcrowded homes, making social distancing a particularly challenging task.

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