Bizigune Programme (Basque Country, 2013-present)

  • The Bizigune Programme was launched by the Basque government in Spain in 2013 to detect empty homes and help their landlords rent them through a social housing programme.

    • It relies on landlords reaching out to the regional government to say they have an empty home.

  • Definition of "empty home" in this programme:

  • Summary from their site through Google Translate:

    • Bizigune aims to attract unoccupied apartments for their entry into the market through protected rental.

    • Its purpose is to give uninhabited housing a social use, facilitating access to decent housing at affordable prices. It is intended for people whose economic resources are not sufficient to access the free market.

    • The owner of an empty house makes it available to ALOKABIDE (Public Company of the Basque Government, through a usufruct contract in exchange for a series of established guarantees. In turn, ALOKABIDE will award this home to an applicant registered with the Basque Housing Service ETXEBIDE ( who will pay ALOKABIDE a rent proportional to their income.

  • Keywords: Basque Country, Euskadi, Spain, unused, vacant, dwelling

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