SRC: International database on real housing prices and real personal disposable income

  • The International House Price Database of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (Texas, US) has been compiling data since 1975 and "produces an international house price database, which comprises quarterly house price and personal disposable income (PDI) series for a number of countries".

  • The datasets are available to download as spreadsheets, the site offers details about the methodology and produces separate graphics showing the evolution of house prices and of PDI in the US and as an aggregate of all the countries it covers.

  • Something that is interesting is cross-checking both indexes in a single graphic, as that way the affordability gap between real house prices and real PDI becomes visible. And that's exactly what the site The Unassuming Economist did in this article from August 2016:

  • Keywords: real house prices, real personal disposable income, PDI, affordability, gap

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