Empty Homes project by Peter McVerry Trust (Ireland, 2017-present)

  • The Peter McVerry Trust, an Irish housing and homeless charity, has been running an empty homes project since at least 2017. The Peter McVerry Trust offers landlords of unused homes to rent out their property as part of social housing programmes.

  • Definition of empty home in this project:

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  • Summary from their site:

    • Peter McVerry Trust organised Ireland’s first empty homes conference in 2017, hired Ireland’s first full time empty homes officer and has had more empty homes projects than any other Approved Housing Body in Ireland.

    • We have secured numerous advocacy goals on this issue and continue to work with the Dept of Housing, Planning and Local Government to progress this issue.

    • Our goal is to ensure the creation of a sustainable, systematic method of preventing and tackling empty homes and derelict sites.

    • There are a range of initiatives that allows Peter McVerry Trust to secure the reuse of empty buildings for the purpose of providing social housing to people currently experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

    • As part of these initiatives, Peter McVerry Trust would like to speak to the owners of vacant properties who would be interested in selling or leasing their properties to us.

    • Peter McVerry Trust is attempting to secure properties under the Repair and Leasing Scheme and Buy and Renew Scheme as part of Rebuilding Ireland. However, we are equally happy to speak to owners about securing their properties through Long Term Social Leasing.

  • Keywords: Ireland, unused, vacant, dwelling, homelessness, social housing

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