Migrants face housing discrimination in Germany (Deutsche Welle, 21 January 2020)

  • Migrants face housing discrimination in Germany

  • By Friedel Taube. Published on Deutsche Welle on 29 January 2020

  • Summary:

    • The article reports about a new study by the federal anti-discrimination office that found that more than a third of people from migrant backgrounds looking for an apartment have experienced discrimination because of their origins.

    • Because of their origins, 53% said they were excluded at a later stage of the apartment application process. One out of four said they paid more rent or a higher sales price for a property than German applicants.

    • Of course, such discrimination in the housing market is prohibited by law and those affected have the possibility to take action against it. However, since the housing market in Germany is tight, many people feel that they are at the mercy of the landlord.

    • When it comes to landlords, some 41% of the people interviewed said they find the idea of renting their own apartment to a migrant worrying and 83% said they suspected racial discrimination was in fact frequent in the housing market.

  • Keywords: Germany, discrimination, migrants, migrant discrimination, Equal Treatment Act, housing market, rental market, anti-discrimination, racial discrimination.

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