Berlin: Ten big landlords that are driving the prices up (Tagesspiegel, 26 July 2020)

  • These ten landlords are driving up the rent price index

  • Published in Tagesspiegel on 26 July 2020

  • Original headline (in German): Diese zehn Vermieter treiben den Mietspiegel besonders in die Höhe

  • Summary (via Google Translate):

    • The analysis based on 5000 cases gathered by the website “” (which helps tenants verify if they pay too much rent and helps them to legally challenge their landlord) has shown that the largest housing companies present in Berlin are the ones driving the rents up.

    • If the rental cap law isn’t declared unconstitutional by the German Constitutional court, the rent could be reduced for up to 31 per cent of the apartments in Berlin.

    • The ten companies had the highest square meter prices (according to the data from the website wenigermiete) are Akelius, Core Immobilien, Hachmann, Covivio, Helvetica, ADO, Gabriel International Asset, Vonovia, Deutsche Wohnen.

    • Together, these ten companies resulted in 1257 cases challenging the rent (via the said website).

  • Keywords: Berlin, Germany, big landlords, rent freeze, corporate landlords, rent cap, rent index, Deutsche Wohnen, Akelius, Core Immobilien, DIV, Hachmann, Covivio, Helvetica, ADO, Gabriel International Asset, Vonovia

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