Housing Evolutions Hub (Housing Europe)

  • In its own words, the Housing Evolutions Hub "highlights the latest innovations in the field of social, public, affordable and responsible housing. Additionally, it provides a European-wide platform for communities of experts and practitioners to share and learn from innovation challenges that are crucial to enhance and promote their housing objectives".

  • It includes a map of innovative housing projects from all around Europe that can be a source of inspiration for further research and stories about housing: https://www.housingevolutions.eu/project/

    • A few randomly selected such projects are:

      • Former military barracks turned into a circular economy project in Fehring, Austria.

      • Mobilising vacant building: empty offices become social housing for students in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

      • Childcare in cooperative housing communities in Dublin, Ireland

      • Energy-efficient housing for senior citizens in Barcelona, Spain

  • The Housing Evolutions Hub is managed by Housing Europe, the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing, http://www.housingeurope.eu/

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